Green Man Festival (Day 3)

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(review by Dewi Llwyd, pics by Gareth Smith)

In my old-school festival days, 11:30 on a Saturday morning would be about the time I’d be thinking of going to bed, but this crazy start time saw Georgia Ruth kicking off Saturday’s proceedings on the main stage. A word here by the way to compliment the Green Man approach to the Welsh language. There’s loads of Welsh signage around the place not least the massive DYN GWYRDD logos on the main stage. Crew T Shirts proudly declare Arglwydd Camreolaeth (lord of misrule) on the back, and the festival programme devotes two pages to an entertaining English-Welsh Phrasebook – my favourite phrases for conversation being “That War on Drugs records is the nuts” and “I’m a love pirate and I’m here for your booty -ARRR!”. It’s a shame that over the weekend I don’t hear a lot of Welsh being spoken but then again I live in Gwynedd and probably have a high benchmark to compare it with. A bit more surprising is the scarcity of Valleys accents given the proximity of the site to those communities.

Album Review – GEORGIA RUTH – Week Of Pines

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(by Rhys Mwyn)
This could be a very, very short review. If I said “this is a very, very good album”, would that suffice ? Why waste more words ? Job done. It would be true.
But then, that’s not what we do is it, we exist to discuss pop music, to throw around theories and opinions, so here’s the long version of “This is a very, very good album”.

Festival No.6 – Portmeirion (Friday)

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It’s Sunday – Day 3 of mud, canvas and great music… The wind lashed and the rain blew… Proverbial cats and dogs thumped into the tents… Each tent being a mini-republic, a territory, and the borders were getting invaded by Mother Nature.
There’s nothing motherly about nature… She’s a bitch when she wants to be, and this morning was one of those days…
Living up here in North Wales, where the mountains meet the sea you get used to being weather worn, to being kicked around and spat at by Mother Nature… To the Fairweather Revellers who had travelled from beneath that Gap in Watford, well… this was an outrage, and a fair few of the weather fairies abandoned their flooded republics and headed back to calmer climes on Sunday morning.

FESTIVAL REVIEW – Gwyll Gardd Goll @ Plas Newydd, Llanfair PG (Sunday)

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Day Two – Sunday (Dydd Sul). It was a noon start, and evident from this early on that today’s crowd was going to be bigger than yesterday.
One of those tireless workers behind the scenes, Ffion, was good enough to explain the origins of this neat little festival,
‘Gwyl Gardd Goll was first held in the Summer of 2007 after the founder, Dilwyn Llwyd, was inspired to explore the possibilities of staging a small music event in the slate amphitheatre in the historic Glynllifon gardens near Caernarfon after visiting them one glorious sunny afternoon,’ she continues, ‘That initial afternoon festival was a success and Gwyl Gardd Goll developed over the first few years into a two day music event with its main intention being to give people of all ages an opportunity to enjoy contemporary music together in beautiful, unique locations.’

Llwybr Llaethog / Gruff Rhys / Georgia Ruth

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Adam Walton’s last Sunday night show (before he moves to Saturdays) on BBC Radio Wales was a special feature with an indepth interview with Gruff Rhys playing songs and telling tales. Also a live set from Georgia Ruth recorded in Llanrwst in November. And a special 30 minute dub mix by Blaenau’s Llwybr Llaethog (pic above)
Download / listen to Llwybr Llaethog’s debut EP ‘Dull Di-Drais’ on Recordiau Anhrefn Records from 1986 here