The Tommy Cooper Show @ Theatr Clwyd, Mold

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gareth-danny-sharon-mifftommy-gwen-stripcropTommy Cooper was born in Caerphilly (not like that… like that) on 19th March 1921 and many people over a certain age will tell you he was one of the funniest stand up comedians of his time (if not ever). Although a member of the magic circle, his unique act was one of a buffoon; a clown performing rubbish tricks interjected with hilarious one-liners.
As a kid, Tommy Cooper was a staple part of growing up, his TV appearances were something you would look forward to, something both adults and children could connect with.

Gaz Top Interview

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The Gareth Jones (Gaz Top) interview…

(by neil crud)
Before the interview, here’s Gaz Top’s entry on the link2wales pages…
Top, Gaz – real name Gareth Jones, from Holywell Guitar roadie for The Alarm 1979-1985 TV presenter 1985 to present day, loaned Seventeen (The Alarm) the money to release their debut single. Also played bass for Backseat / The Units later The Grids formed The Tuphelo Torpedoes in 1987. As the Jones Brothers (With Steve Allan Jones) co-wrote the title music for Video Jukebox for Grampian TV in 1988 and KellyVision for Tyne-Tees in 1987. Presenter of countless TV programmes, mainly children’s entertainment and educational, incl.; Get Fresh (for ITV in 1986-88) How2 (CiTV 1990-present day) The Big Bang (CiTV 1994-present day). As Kid Aggro provided guest vocals on “Cum On Feel The Noize” by The Children of The Revolution 2000