Focus Wales 2015 @ Wrexham (Thursday)

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Where were you when Russell Brand invented fire? Cometh the second day, Cometh the half hour (sets by each band).
It had been a long day, early morning barefoot paddling in Red Wharf Bay, followed by some fraternising with cows in Amlwch. My head was like a shining advertisement for After-Sun Lotion…

Future of The Left, Fever Fever @ Deaf Institute, Manchester

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(review by neil crud – pix, crud + manic tiger)

This is my church, this is where I feel my hurt. Music is my religion. Music is a relgion and I am a music whore. Like religions, we follow a band or a brand; some of us skit around on the periphery, while others are fanatics with explosive CDs and vinyl in our rucksacks. The difference between music and religion is that the music we follow actually exists.

Music is very powerful, take Westlife for instance, also playing in Manchester tonight on their ‘Farewell, One More For The Pension Tour’ – they have the power to make thousands of bingo wings flap simultaneously while teenage daughters inwardly groan at their drunk fat mothers, carrying the weight of the world on their hips.

Future of The Left, Stokoz To Moscow, No Room For Heroes @ Central Station, Wrexham

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(review n pix by neil crud)
‘Be careful, it’s like the wild west in Wrexham.’
Those were the collective messages from friends and family before I made my journey into the heart of this town with meat in its name. Future of The Left had mentioned on stage that there weren’t many places with meat in their name and made up some of their own like Steaksville, until some smart arse in the audience shouted Liverpool.