Hundred Reasons, Jet Plane Landing, Fubar play Time, Bangor

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FUBAR / FLEA CIRKUS / MARK MOONAN @ Breeding Ground, Rhyl

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(review n pix by neil crud)

There’s still plenty of rabbits left in the hat. If you had taken the Internet message boards at face value they had broadcast nothing but doom & gloom for this venue. Since the last gig they have banned under 18s after one of them tried to get home through a stranger’s house having supped the wrong stuff at the Breeding Ground (allegedly). With the CID monitoring the venue because of this incident & under-age drinking everyone had said they’re going to The Dudley tonight, to be fair to the venue under age drinking has never been an issue as the tables occupied by the pre-adults were always drink free.

Papa Lazaroo, Fubar play in Felinheli

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Papa Lazaroo
Duncan Black (in Papa Lazaroo) recalls, ‘Lots of hippies dancing. It’s possible that this gig was the one where vocalist Twig walked off stage mid-song with a wireless mic and amplified the sound of himself having a wee whilst we played reggae.’
Dan Alexander (in Fubar) adds, ‘My boss turned up, got pissed and started moshing. That was fun.’
Duncan: ‘Fubar were stupidly popular back then. I was quite jealous of you lot.’

Gig in Bangor

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Specimen X changed their name to Papa Lazaroo (pic courtesy of Duncan Black)