Focus Wales, Wrexham (Thursday)

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Damo Suzuki

Andy Garside could’ve reviewed this entire night with his comment, ‘Damo Suzuki was mind melting…’ – That would’ve been enough, and those who saw this performance would fully appreciate it… We’ll come to that in due course…
I locked up work at  5.20pm, got in the car and headed towards Wrexham… I got changed and brushed my teeth in some public toilet… This is how we rock… This is how we roll…
Day Two of Focus Wales, personally it was gonna be a short one tonight for fear of shortening my life through exhaustion… The Luvvies had spent the afternoon doing conventions and all good things for bands… Me..? ‘Have ear plugs will watch gig…’

Focus Wales – Wrexham (Wednesday)

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I wandered around the empty streets at 6pm on this Wednesday afternoon. All the shops are closed and the hundreds of death-by-kebab houses prepare for an evening of trade and tirade. The silence is broken by an endless charade of dumb boy racers with their loud exhausts, forever circling the town looking for prey to show off to.