Archive Gig – CARPET, FLOATERS REVENGE @ New Inn, Rhyl

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shagged pilesI’ve got a good business plan; I’ll charge a band £30 to hire a room, pay ½ of it to the barmaid & keep the £350 bar takings. There again, I’m a nice person & won’t charge the band, which is what the New Inn should do considering there was no one downstairs in the ‘normal’ bar tonight.

Abandon Hope, Surrealism, Under Tow, Platonic, Floaters Revenge @ MASE, Llandudno Centre

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(review by neil crud)

‘Can we just search you please sir.’ It wasn’t a request, but a demand from the burly doorman as his hulking colleague stood there to back him up. Such is the organisation & security at these MASE events it ensures there is little or no trouble in or around the Conference Centre.