Flinch – All Day Breakfast

I was looking at a map of our splendid country & was quite surprised at the actual size of Wrexham; it’s a pretty big place. So it comes as no surprise that there’s bound to be a decent core of good bands in the town. Flinch are definitely of that calibre, describing themselves as guitar-indie-rock-with-grunge-overtones, All Day Breakfast (all meal close to my heart & stomach) falls short of the grunge adjective. This could be due to the highly polished recordings (produced by Mr Sheen no doubt) that leave you with strong, slick (I like that word) songs à lá Prestatyn’s sadly demised She Said, but with a bit more bollocks to them. Bliss is a particular favourite even with bass runs that Luke stole from the book of ‘Jazz Funk Neo-Fascist Anarchist Bass Playing.’ Great songs with awful lyrics, look forward to hearing the 4 track CD with the added bonus of video ROM.