Fflaps – video fest..!!

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Bangor’s noiseniks Fflaps have a YouTube channel to celebrate a shed load of videos from the now defunct band – Go here...

Jonny Evans 01.04.1967 – 03.03.2001

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(from Central Slate website)
jonny evans
It brings us great sadness to report the passing of our very dear friend Jonny Evans, following a short and unexpected illness. Jonny played drums with Alan and Ann (and on occasions, Maeyc) in their pre Ectogram group FFLAPS, who toured extensively around Europe and released 3 LPs and an EP between 1987 and 1992. Jonny was universally loved as a person and admired as a drummer. His style was so integral to the Fflaps sound, that when he left the group to study history and Maeyc took over the drumming seat, the group realised that they were no longer in any way the same group, and thus became Ectogram.

Triskedekaphilia – new comp LP from Ankst

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Triskedekaphilia is a collection of previously unreleased session tracks for Radio Cymru’s Heno Bydd Yr Adar Yn Canu between 1991 and 1995. The show, hosted by Nia Melville provided the first port of call for anyone interested in hearing the best in contemporary Welsh music. This collection features early appearances, rare tracks,cover versions and all sorts of strange sounds by your favourite Welsh language underground superstars!

Tapeworm Gig

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Joe Shooman says, ‘Skinflick were heavily involved in putting this together in the curved lounge at SU Bangor and it ran all day. It was most of the local noisy people past and present (hence Lungs and Glaring Green in there as well as Vaffan Coulo etc) and Fflaps had a stormer. Genital Deformities were great too as I remember. We recorded all of it – at least all the local bands – with Graeme Rowlands, who worked with quite a few bands at some stage in the early 90s punk/DIY Bangor scene. Subsequently around 20 tracks came out on a tape called – due to the curved (Banana) lounge – ‘The Tapeworm in the Banana’. I don’t quite know how many actual copies there were – maybe 100? But they were all dubbed from the master DAT so the sound quality’s pretty good – pure DIY stuff, I designed the sleeves with cut and paste bits and bobs from papers, porn mags and other silly sources and got them photocopied in red ink somehow. I don’t have a track list but Duncan Black I think still has a tape handy. I’d love to hear it if he can be arsed digitising it [:-)] There’s some really funny stuff on there like Barry – lead singer in Babies With Rabies – complaining when his band goes into ‘another bloody solo’. And a classic performance of Tony Blackburn by Oz. As far as I know, the only time that song was ever recorded.’ (click here to listen to this track)
‘The Tapeworm in the Banana’ is available to hear / download here

Archive – FFLAPS release 3rd album ‘Fflaps’

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[Taken from Turquoise Coal website]
The period between ‘Malltod’ and the final, self-titled ‘Fflaps’ LP saw no let-up in activity for the group, taking in two German tours, three Irish tours and a tour of France and Belgium in addition to numerous dates around the UK. In all, the group performed live some 38 times between June 1990 and January 1992 in addition to making a number of TV appearances.