Family Mahone @ Sun Inn, Llangollen

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before bunting obliteration

“It’s like playing at fucking Crufts.” Exclaimed DJ Mahone (aka Mark Radcliffe) as 2 dogs of the animal kind walked across the stage. The dogs in fact looked so wolfish that Andy Fatman thought there could be a 5-pointed star scribed on the wall behind the posters as the American Werewolf in Llangollen stalked the shadows. What you will find round these parts when urge is upon ‘em are the Family Mahone. How much longer they will be able to play in a setting as big as my living room remains to be seen but let’s not think about the future, let’s sink a few pints, sing about the past & enjoy the present.

Family Mahone @ Bulkeley Hotel, Beaumaris

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the can of Grolsch takes centre stage

Fuck me with a can of Draught Guinness! All those years I spent being an angry young man in punk bands, catching flying spit with my face, getting involved in aggro & being banned from everywhere, when I could’ve been doing this.
The formula is very simple; gather some of your drinking mates (preferably with musical talent) & get pissed with your audience.