FESTIVAL REVIEW – Bearded Theory (Saturday)

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Bearded drums 17
It’s a showery Saturday and the wind has picked up. Back in 2009 this festival made the international headlines when a hurricane ripped through the site, taking tents, stalls and the main stage with it. With that sore point in mind and as a precaution, the backdrop canvas hiding all the behind the scenes work back stage was taken down to allow the wind to blow through. As we seem to have April showers in May these days, the weather was kind enough to allow The Bonsall Red Barrows to do their entertaining routine. Also at noon each day we were wholly mesmerised by Drum Machine – the Mad Mad style drumming troupe who never failed to impress.

GIG REVIEW – The Fall, Evil Blizzard, The Temps @ East Village Arts Club, Liverpool

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 (by Joseph Viney / pics by Matt Thomas) (orig published by Peter Guy’s Merseyblog)

The Fall 1

Ahh, The Fall; at once one of music’s great constants and chameleons. A near 35 year career has seen group leader Mark E. Smith make with wisdom, verbal (and physical!) thuggery and a totally wired state of mind against a backdrop of shifting line-ups and album after album after album.

Archive Gig – The Fall, Scumbag Philosopher, Corned Beef @ Moho, Manchester

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I’d been looking to see The Fall for a long time, in the sense that it had been growing on me as over the years I’ve ticked off other bands and while they hadn’t been a priority there was a sure realisation that when the time was right it would be right.

The Fall @ Boardwalk, Sheffield

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(Reviewed n pic by Dusty Moo)

Top night indeed!

Got into Sheffield just after 4, far too early, but I thought I’d better get my bearings and find the Boardwalk, as well as the Three Cranes pub, where we all were supposed to be meeting up pre gig.   It took me a further hour to find the venue, after asking a couple of helpful ‘City Ambassadors’ they sent me on my way with a map.  It was a further 20 minutes, and seeing some poor woman relieved of her large Argos bag by a smackhead before I found the Three Cranes, by which time my extremely unfit calves were on fire, and I was coughing like a bastard.  Only to find it was closed!  I felt like collapsing on the doorstep.  A security guard a few doors away informed me that it doesn’t open weekends!!!