FESTIVAL REVIEW – Bearded Theory (Friday)

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Bearded Theory17
You open your eyes and realise you’re in a tent. The shakes you’ve got tell you that you perhaps partied a little too hard on the first night of Bearded Theory festival – but hey! It’s tradition. As a result, Beer o’clock won’t be for a long while yet and you’ll heed the ‘drink responsibly’ tags they put in the small print on TV adverts.

Membranes / Evil Blizzard / Faerground Accidents

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I brought along two virgins to be sacrificed before Brother John – their photons of pure white light will be added to the good and the bad of the universe.
‘What’s their music like?’ They both enquired…
‘Errr….’ was my reply…
Tonight was the album launch for the new Membranes LP ‘Dark Matter / Dark Energy’ – call it a come-back album if you like, it’s out now on Cherry Red Records.