Cerebral Bore (+7) @ Basement 20, Liverpool

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Cerebral Bore, Disentomb, Cemtex, Revokation, Face of Christ, Dr. Aids, Horsebastard, Xenophobic Misogynist
(review n pix by mwj)
A free bank holiday for me gave the opportunity to ram it full three courses/days of entertainment down my neck/ears until I was fit to burst (eardrums). First of these involved a trip to Liverpool which has been coming more on my radar a bit recently with the regular extreme metal shows put on by Whiplash at the Masque, and as it’s a train ride and a cheap hostel away, it really should be visited more. This veritable feast of death/grind/hardcore would be a perfect starter, although it summoned ominous clouds and torrential downpour that turned the streets to rivers and kept everyone sheltering in the venue confines.

H2O, Chief, Face of Christ, The Tear Up – Central Station, Wrexham

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(review n pix by mwj)

Taking a bit of a chance with this one, as I wasn’t familiar with the music but had enough faith in their reputation as a long time served NYHC band and well as in that pretty genre’s consistent ability to deliver the goods. Plus a good selection of supports and the end of my summers camping expeditions all meant the stars were aligned. (They do look spectacular down the end of the Llyn)

Falls, Face of Christ, Horrorstruck, Salem Rages, B.B.R. @ The Hangman, Chester

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You know your weekend’s going well (downhill) when you wake up in a damp patch of your creation on someone else’s sofa and exit ninja style cos you’ve got a date with a chicken. But what the day of little rest needs to top it off is a “Sunday Meat Carvery” as this collection of predominately punk bands over in Chester was entitled. After refreshing and grooming myself (no, not in that way) I let the train take the strain over there, met up with other travellers from near and wide.

Bastions, Face of Christ, Horrorstruck, Brothers Bear Arms @ Frog and Nightingale, Chester

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(review by mwj)

A night put on by Condate Records, presumably some kind of Roman road connection bringing them from Northwich to Deva. My route here was aided by Dave Whales in his tour tank along the A55 and though I think we arrived to miss the first band there was still plenty of people here early on.