GIG REVIEW – Membranes, Brix Smith, Evil Blizzard, Nightingales @ The Ritz, Manchester

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Membranes Ritz
It was a bold, yet confident move to put your band on at a place the size of The Ritz and it paid off, such is the draw of this line-up.
Today was more of an event than a gig, particularly The Membranes set, which we’ll come to later.

Membranes / Evil Blizzard / Faerground Accidents

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I brought along two virgins to be sacrificed before Brother John – their photons of pure white light will be added to the good and the bad of the universe.
‘What’s their music like?’ They both enquired…
‘Errr….’ was my reply…
Tonight was the album launch for the new Membranes LP ‘Dark Matter / Dark Energy’ – call it a come-back album if you like, it’s out now on Cherry Red Records.

Collisions Vol.4: Evil Blizzard / Mamuthones split LP on Rocket Recordings

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Here’s the blurb…

Released via Rocket Recordings, ‘Collisions Vol.4’ sees Evil Blizzard and Italian psych advocates Mamuthones collaborating 39 minutes of mind expanding noise rock.
The Rocket Recordings ‘Collisions’ series has thus far seen luminaries like The Heads, White Hills, Oneida, Mugstar, Shit & Shine and Gnod locking horns against each other on psychic voyages to bold dimensions anew. The latest instalment again deals with a pair of hand-picked, boundary-breaking iconoclasts, pushing the Collisions series further out into the realm of the unexpected, as this Anglo-Italian pair of perversely kindred spirits combine to wreak havoc.

Album Review – The Dangers of EVIL BLIZZARD

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Evil Blizzard

Earlier on this year I got to play on the same stage as the mighty Goldblade in Preston. Also on the bill that night were local anti-heroes Evil Blizzard. Now if you have been following the recent activity on the link2wales Poll you’d be forgiven for imagining this band are nothing more than hypesters; y’know, a band full of ego, self-importance, with a great publicity machine, but very little substance.
And you’re almost right; apart from the last bit…

GIG REVIEW – The Fall, Evil Blizzard, The Temps @ East Village Arts Club, Liverpool

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 (by Joseph Viney / pics by Matt Thomas) (orig published by Peter Guy’s Merseyblog)

The Fall 1

Ahh, The Fall; at once one of music’s great constants and chameleons. A near 35 year career has seen group leader Mark E. Smith make with wisdom, verbal (and physical!) thuggery and a totally wired state of mind against a backdrop of shifting line-ups and album after album after album.