Gallops in T.Bay

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Great way to spend a Bank Holiday weekend… Gallops, We Are Animal, Entity, Sona at The Waterfront in Trearddur Bay…

Mucus, Entity, Micrographia play Rascals, Bangor

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(review n pix neil crud)


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(review n pix by neil crud)

While we were stuffing pizza into our gobs, we watched Emyr Ankst stuffing sound equipment into his van at the end of the night, and I commented on my envy for people able to make/scrape a living out of music. It must be glorious to make money out of something you love and enjoy, and whereas I spend all my spare money on music, or music related sundries (like beer!), Emyr must warm to the fact that he is in a position to face the guillotine and issue such outrageously resplendent material as Dogbones and Klaus Kinski, and (sometimes) get paid for doing it. So it is hats off to Ankstmusic and another nod in Emyr’s direction for making tonight’s spectacle possible, here, in Upper Bangor.

Teenage Angst

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Still being a teenager having just turned 40 the inevitable day had to come. My car became Dad’s Taxi as I ferried my 13-year-old daughter through the wind and the rain to MASE in Old Colwyn. She wore stripy tights, mini-skirt, some kind of pirate t-shirt and black eye-liner running into a cross above her left cheekbone.

Halloween in Hendre

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