ALBUM REVIEW – Various – Cam O’r Tywyllwch

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This is the DIY compilation LP released 30 years ago that kick started a Welsh music revolution that still reverberates around today.
Released by Rhys Mwyn on the Anhrefn Label and picked up by John Peel, this album spawned Anhrefn, Datblygu, Super Furry Animals and Catatonia. It made the ignorant English based music media realise there was more to Wales than just sheep shagging farmers. There were sheep shagging musicians too…!

RIP – Bernard Davey of Elfyn Presli

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RIP – Bern – lead singer of Elfyn Presli ac y Massey Fergusons – the Welsh farmer psychopunk band feat on the Words of Warning EP ‘The First Cuts Are The Deepest’ along with Anhrefn.
Any band with a song Seig Heil Jackboots Maggie Thatcher would seem to have a bright future, unfortunately, this band became heroin addicts, heavy drinkers and/or potheads, but this turned out to be a vicious rumour started by Anhrefn’s Sion Sebon!

Anhrefn, Elfyn Presli a’r Massey Fergusons @ Marine Hotel, Aberystwyth

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Anti-Apartheid benefit gig… Click here for a 20 min video of Elfyn Presli and an amzing look back in time…
The video shows the true shambolic nature of an Elfyn Presli set and an ace spastic disco all done in true cowpunk farmercore style.

(Music kicks in at 6 minutes)
Thanks to Pete Telfer and Culture Colony for this 🙂

Also click here to hear / download Jackboots Magi Thatcher by Elfyn Presli

Various – Cam o’r Tywyllwch released

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New compilation album on Recordiau Anhrefn Records