Dusty Moo, Winebago, The Obsession @ Bar Blu, Rhyl

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(review by Paul Scouse Git Hammond)

I must admit that since the demise of The Breeding Ground I’ve been able to enjoy gigs far more! I can now sit back, have a pint and just watch the bands as a punter without all the usual promoters worries. TBG seems a long time ago now and when I decided to pass the mantle there were only a couple of people in this area I felt had the drive and capability to create something new and keep the scene going, in fact Neil Crud and Steve Rastin.

Turnstone, Kentucky AFC, Dusty Moo @ Bar Blu, Rhyl

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(reviewed by Steve Sync & Neil Crud)

Sync: I last saw Kentucky AFC a month ago in this same venue. I’d never seen or heard of them before, but Crud urged me to make the journey to Bar Blu just for this band alone.

Black Swans, Hooper, Dusty Moo @ Breeding Ground 2, Chester

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A low key beginning to a potentially huge prospect, the Breeding Ground in Chester opened its doors 2 months after the crew were forced to leave the leaking roof & flat beer of the Marina in Rhyl.
With the Chester Mafia having a price on his head for being blamed for nicking their beer by Pocket Venus, the acoustically challenged Dusty Moo turned up cunningly disguised as a golfer. His magnetism must be immense as there were a couple of punters scattered around until his opening strum, they then started marching in during his short, but very sweet set.