The Dudley Arms – Brian RIP

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The Dudley Arms in Rhyl was once a bikers pub called Load of Mischief. As The Dudley it began hosting regular punk gigs from 2002 and became a haunt for the misfits, the freaks, the goths and the punks who could seek sanctuary away from the chavs and beerboys who frequented most of the town’s other bars.
Brain was tolerant of all the moshing, high decibels, shananigans and horseplay that went on during the gigs, quite simply because people didn’t take the piss. Yes, there were occasions when someone would leave head first through a window or someone would be thrown out for pissing off the stage – but these were rare.
The Dudley hosted some fantastic nights  (see the archive gig reviews), including the Dirty Weekends until its closure in May 2010.
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