ALBUM REVIEW – The Dry Retch – Pyongsang Kaengsaeng!

Liverpool’s The Dry Retch are like a smear on the music landscape, like anti-theft paint that’s been ingrained into your skin. Fronted by the detestable John Retch; an escapee from an Aussie penal colony and wanted for felonies in several countries, he sought asylum in the Republic Of Chippy Tits.

Pyongsang Kaengsaeng! marks an increase in criminal activities in the past couple of years after a pretty lean period for recorded output since their 2002 inception. My initial thought on first listen was, ‘It’s OK, three well worn gnarly chords firmly embedded in pre-punk New York 1970s…’
I’ve since played it, played it and played it… In fact, I can’t stop playing it – REALLY LOUD…More