We Went Fishin’

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Johnny WilliamsIt was cold on the promenade in Old Colwyn, the fishermen lined up in thermals, hoods and gloves gave it away as Gwion and myself pulled up alongside Johnny’s Bench.
‘I bet they didn’t get body paint, I bet it was car spray.’ I muttered as we climbed out of the car. My reference was to spraying our hands orange, paying homage to one of the madcap things Johnny used to do, simply for a laugh.
The days when this gang of punks lived carefree lives, throwing each about and throwing up at The Dudley Arms have long gone, some have grown up, some have moved away, some have had kids, some have to work, some have fallen out big time and some have died. This is why Joe organised this day to shoot a video for Braxton Hicks‘ next single Gone Fishing which is, of course about Johnny, he who died six years ago after a night out in Manchester.
It would’ve been brilliant to have had everyone there, the whole gang there, but, like I’ve just said… Those days have long gone.

Dressed Naked, Johnny Horizontal, Glyn Bailey @ Billys, Rhyl

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(review n pix by neil crud)

On hearing Glyn Bailey‘s voice I was immediately drawn to the need to go home and stick on David Bowie’s ‘Heathen’ album – even if you don’t like the Thin White Duke, that’s one LP you should at least listen to, if not own. The Bowie comparison was cemented by song 2 when Glyn (pic below) played ‘Andy Warhol’ off the Hunky Dory album, his only cover of the pretty impressive performance in a cabaret kind of way.

Der Bomber, Dressed Naked, Doa UK play The Schooner, Rhyl

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If we use the metaphor ‘On The Road To Stardom’ then Rhyl’s Dressed Naked are on the side, repairing a puncture and in need of an MOT. Dead On Arrival UK from Holyhead are speeding up the slip road, ready to join the main carriageway, while Der Bomber are ready to drop down a gear and speed off into the distance.