The Kirkz / The Drastics @ Gullivers, Manchester

I played in Bradford once, it was in 1988 or ’89 at The Manhatten Club… What a shithole..! We supported Culture Shock and I remember lending my guitar amp to Metal Duck, only it was Culture Shock’s amp ha ha!! We (4Q) were shit, our instruments were shitter and the audience were those dire leftie-anarcho-nazi types who had become self-proclaimed Fun Police. Enjoy yourself at your own peril, laugh and the world will only laugh with you if they approve of it. If it had an -ism at the end of it then they’d have a strong view on it. If it didn’t have an -ism on the end of it then they’d add one to it, they call it Twatism.
The Drastics (pic below) hail from Bradford and were probably still shitting their nappies when I ventured into their neck of the woods. Thankfully they’re a far cry from the drab brigade of those dark years and are intent on having fun.More