Discharge, Doom (+more) @ Temple of Boom, Leeds

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I shuffled off the mortally wounded liver coil of Hammerfest about midday on the Saturday, having certainly had my fill on the proceeding day.  Returned to Conwy then my ambulance driver arrived to take me off to my next appointment with the doctors of distortion.  Over the Pennines gave me some proper Icelandic flashbacks as the snows set in again, I was feeling more husky than enjoying the hair of the dog, but soon enough we were at our destination and ready to get fired up again.

Chile Benefit Festival @ 1 in 12 Club, Bradford

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Doom (pic – Elliot capper)

Adversity, the random trials of life strengthening community resolve to strive their way to a better situation. That was a reason why the 1 in 12 club was set up in response to the wonderful success the Tories were making of parts of the country in the 1980’s and what a perfect setting for localish crust legends Doom to host this festival.

Temples Festival (Saturday) @ Motion, Bristol

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A new extreme metal festival in the UK?  As your tireless reporter (ahem, unpaid!) I felt duty bound to investigate its credentials.  Never mind the slightly more selfish reasoning that the organisers seemed to have cherry picked some of the stand out bands caught on my recent European jaunts (been reading my reviews? 😉 ) and stuck them all in a converted warehouse in Bristol. 

Voivod, Doom, Jacknife Holiday at NQ live, Manchester

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(review n pix by mwj)

Hope you not getting bored of hearing about these two, what with me seeing Voivod some 5 times in the past few years, and Doom probably about twice that! But after this years back to back combo of the two at Roadburn being a major part in one of the best music experiences of all my venerable gig going years, the opportunity to see them again and close to home couldn’t be passed up. It was off the back of the Dutch experience that this prospect of the ongoing legends love-in arose, with the Canadian experimental thrashers offering the whole of the European tour to the Yorkshire crust punks who they cited as a long term influence when inviting them there via their position as “curators”, but work commitments now meant they were only together for this handful of UK and Eire dates.

Roadburn Festival, Tilburg, Holland – Day 2

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Up bright and early (in the afternoon) for the second and most anticipated round of the three. Bussed in early enough to have a mooch about to get some food from a cheap but quality snackbar, and of course some fine pint sampling along the strip of bars leading to the venue, we first attempted to catch a bit of Wino (St. Vitus, The Obsessed, etc) and his recent collaborator Conny Ochs doing an acoustic set in Patronaat but as might have been expected for a side project of one of the traditional Roadburn heroes it was packed to the rafters so we moved on. Prompted by our friends from Doom we took the time to wander down to a gallery just round the corner for an exhibition by Michel/Away from Voivod. He had produced all the bands artwork over the years and was great to see the detail in the originals of his surreal future visions, as well as to chat with the man himself there, a soft spoken and friendly guy who is overflowing with talent.