Der Bomber, Dressed Naked, Doa UK play The Schooner, Rhyl

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If we use the metaphor ‘On The Road To Stardom’ then Rhyl’s Dressed Naked are on the side, repairing a puncture and in need of an MOT. Dead On Arrival UK from Holyhead are speeding up the slip road, ready to join the main carriageway, while Der Bomber are ready to drop down a gear and speed off into the distance.

DoaUK, Blindfold play Bar Blu, Rhyl

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(review and pix by Neil Crud)

First apologies to Dressed Naked, but it was a choice of saving a tenner in taxi fares or getting a free lift home – the decision was, well, I like you but not ten quid’s worth of like! (Does that make sense?). Sorry.


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