Lantern, Upstarts, Anti Virus, Zebedy, Harrow Down, DLO @ Old Hall, Penrhyn Bay

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(by mwj)

With the cancellation of my train friendly option of The Imperial I elected for a sober drive to the old hall for the first time in years, since my old pissed biking expeditions to the punk nights they’d put on here. I’m am out of sensible biking range (and lacking match fitness) at the moment but this was my first chance to check out these regular rock nights that the guys from Lantern have set up and organised.

Instant Agony / Global Parasite / DLO – Speakers Corner, Colwyn Bay

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A fucking Juice Bar…! A full on punk gig… In a fucking Juice Bar…! OK, there’s nothing new about this, Speaker’s Corner has been putting on shows for a good 12 months now. Formerly a shoe shop, now a fucking Juice Bar – with an ironing board as a bar. And full of punks, happy to accept the non-stop hip-hop from Colwyn Bay’s JuZ and Rich, under the guise of D.L.O. (Delectric Light Orchestra?) (pic below).