Alien Matter / Dive @ Madocs, Colwyn Bay

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(review by neil crud)

<< Alien Matter – Llandudno based seminal punk band of 1998/02. Began life as crossover American-Brit punk, but mutated into a Johnny Thunders meets oi meets Sons of Selina, receiving rave reviews. Feat; Pete Hughes (voc), Rich (bass), Cumi Pants of Sons of Selina, formerly of 4Q & Frank’s Dad on drms who replaced Matt, Steve Sync (also of Sons of Selina) (keys) making his debut with them at The Madocs in Colwyn Bay, May 2000. Orig guitarist Muff left Oct 2000, Gary Hubble replaced him for 1 gig. Mike from Shotton joined soon after. >> (

Dive, Jamie Cardno, Kismet @ Breeding Ground, Rhyl

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(review n pix by neil crud)
I was reading somewhere that Stiff Little Fingers (SLF), who had 8 chart singles in the early 80s, in the days when you had to sell shed loads of records to make a dent on the charts, now make more money selling directly to their fans via the internet than they ever did in their heyday. SLF are ignored by the music press (a media that dictates what you should be listening to), & are regarded as like reading last weeks TV Times. But it does go to show you that there is far more to the music scene than what the Radio One – NME cartel like you to believe.

DieKast Messiah, Dive, Jamie Cardno, Sansara, Chinese Chicken Balls @ MASE, Llandudno Centre

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I applied for a new job vacancy this evening that was posted on my message board, it read: “Winger [sic] wanted to stand at gigs and moan about how unoriginal the bands are. Must be able to compare any band with a more famous one and must have own goatee. Qualifications from the school of sad geek wanker must be held.”

Unfortunately I lacked the qualifications required & had to abandon hope as my tutor, Arthur Penis spent too much time loitering in Gents Toilets with a copy of Buggery Monthly.
Instead I headed for this month’s MASE event to moan about how unoriginal the bands are & compare them with a more famous one. Cunningly I went in disguise by shaving off the goatee.