Discharge, Doom (+more) @ Temple of Boom, Leeds

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I shuffled off the mortally wounded liver coil of Hammerfest about midday on the Saturday, having certainly had my fill on the proceeding day.  Returned to Conwy then my ambulance driver arrived to take me off to my next appointment with the doctors of distortion.  Over the Pennines gave me some proper Icelandic flashbacks as the snows set in again, I was feeling more husky than enjoying the hair of the dog, but soon enough we were at our destination and ready to get fired up again.

Discharge, Billy Club, Repulsive Vision @ The Continental, Preston

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I can feel Spring springing, so what better time for a pogo. As party season that never stops is picking up pace again, what better way to start celebrating my friend’s 40th (in June) with a trip up to Prestonia. I’d seen punk legends Discharge a handful of times over recent years, mainly at festivals (including Dirty Weekend over in Bangor), but having hung round with a load of scummy Scouse (“plastic” 😉 ) punks for a while recently maybe my appreciation has been enhanced.

Boltfest @ The Forum, Kentish Town, London

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(review n pix by mwj)

Easter Saturday offers a time of quiet reflection on the sacrifice made by a Coventry death metal war machine as they randomly celebrate their 26th anniversary with a birthday bash in London town. Not only have they invited truly special supporting cast but the whole thing is a £6 a throw charity fundraiser at their own cost, summing up their uncompromising down to earth approach and further endearing them to us all who’ve enjoyed their aural battering over the years. The first time for me was an all-dayer in Liverpool Planet X, them co-headlining with Carcass when both where on their first album, a show I only heard about via John Peel, and after which it was fair to say I was never the same again. As they say themselves, it’s very easy to reach these anniversaries just by not splitting up, in 7 years their career will have outlasted Jebus and its arguable that they’ve brought a lot more spiritual ecstasy to a lot of people rather than wholesale slaughter in the latter’s name. Should have stuck to carpentry.

Archive Gig – Damnation Festival @ University, Leeds

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Who are these madmen that say the festival season ends with the summer? Having been to three in the last month there’s obviously no better way of staving of the onset of winter chill than getting crushed in a pit in some sweaty venue, though maybe best to leave camping out of the equation.

Dirty Weekend @ Hendre Hall, Tal-y-Bont, Bangor

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 (review n pix by neil crud)

I’ve got cuts and bruises, my body’s aching, I never want to see alcohol again, my ears are ringing and my liver has packed up and gone to live in a distillery, What a great weekend..!

In previous years Dave Cox has flitted between the Dudley Arms and The Morville in Rhyl for the Dirty Weekend Festival, and where they have been decent venues, they haven’t been festival sites. Enter Hendre Hall, the perfect setting; no neighbours, a great live room, superb chill out courtyard and camping facilities. Enlisting the knowledge and organisational expertise of Dave Hollerhead, the two Dave’s (or Cox and Holly Ltd if you like) stuck their necks out to make this a professional and wholly enjoyable experience, and they booked the glorious weather to go with it.