GIG REVIEW – Orient Machine, Chemical Town, Inferno, I Fight Lions, Dinosaur Garden @ Rascals, Bangor

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I tweeted / instagram’d this pic during the gig with the caption, ‘Iesu Grist! How fucking good are Orient Machine?’
No one answered, and to be fair it wasn’t a question, it’s a statement, in capital letters carved into the side of the Clwydian Range, because Orient Machine are one fuck of a band…

Rozzys Rock night in Holyhead

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Radio Friendlies said, ‘The gig went really well. we’re pretty happy with the result. We met some cool people and we got to see some cool fucking bands. Managed to blow up both amps, but I think our set went down well with the crowd. We cant wait to come back.’

Jamie of Sona (pic below) says, ‘Pretty busy, Orient Machine and Radio Friendlies were awesome. I got the Friendlies to come over from Ireland as I sort of know the lead singer- they were great to be fair, had a good laugh with them too. We’re going over to Dublin next for the away leg.’

Rock it to Holyhead

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Railway Club, Holyhead

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