DieKast Messiah, Dive, Jamie Cardno, Sansara, Chinese Chicken Balls @ MASE, Llandudno Centre

I applied for a new job vacancy this evening that was posted on my message board, it read: “Winger [sic] wanted to stand at gigs and moan about how unoriginal the bands are. Must be able to compare any band with a more famous one and must have own goatee. Qualifications from the school of sad geek wanker must be held.”

Unfortunately I lacked the qualifications required & had to abandon hope as my tutor, Arthur Penis spent too much time loitering in Gents Toilets with a copy of Buggery Monthly.
Instead I headed for this month’s MASE event to moan about how unoriginal the bands are & compare them with a more famous one. Cunningly I went in disguise by shaving off the goatee.More