FILM – Noise Annoys – A Punk Rock Documentary

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Tinman Films today released their Noise Annoys documentary on YouTube…
Filmed in Bangor, North Wales it features performances and interviews with Sleep Beggar, Death Of Youth, Los Muchachos, Depraved State and Spam Javelin.
Originally premiered 19th November 2016 at TAPE in Old Colwyn.

GIG REVIEW – Smash The Bank Holiday Alldayer @ Comrades Club, Conwy

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(good pics by diane durham red evans – shit pics by neil crud)

This is what makes us tick… I say ‘us’ as in real people who go out and watch live music, who support it and the causes involved. Today is an exception, as in, it was exceptional… What a great day!

Eleven bands, eleven great performances and several sore heads. Despite the fact that promoter Mark Watson-Jones was only made aware of the archaic 11pm closing for this Bank Holiday Sunday on the morning – a swift re-jig of stage times and even swifter changeovers ensured everyone got to play.

Depraved State, Teeth Crack @ The North, Rhyl

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We weren’t supposed to be here… On our (probably) 20th Annual Jolly Boys Xmas trip to Chester, we somehow stumbled on a train home and again, stumbled into The North.
What can I say about Depraved State apart from they are a phenomenon to behold… From that opening ear-splitting feedback to that end blast a mere ten or twelve minutes later. They burst onto the scene in January as a 3-piece and bit like the Terminator travelling through time, guitarist Ifan finished the set naked on the floor amid an electric torrent of noise. 

New EP – DEPRAVED STATE – Demo 2016

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Hold your breath, hang onto to your hats, fasten your seat belts…
Depraved State from North Wales have been noted for their hit ‘n’ run ram raid style shows and they’ve done exactly the same with this… Their debut release…
‘Demo 2016’ is a howitzer of six songs in five minutes and will leave you feeling equally cursed and blessed…

‘Noise Annoys #2’ @ Rascals, Upper Bangor

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Spam Javelin, Los Muchachos, Death Of Youth, Depraved State, Sleep Beggar

(review n pix by Diane Evans)
Death Of Youth

The second of two nights of mayhem ripping across the North Wales coast’s sadly somewhat diminishing live music venue scene. Tonight I find myself in Rascals, Upper Bangor for what promises to be a bit of a treat for this old school punky goth chick.
Noise Annoys is proof that the heart of punk is still beating and seems to be happily enjoying a bit of a revival in spite of this extreme right wing political climate. I’m sure it’s been there all along, just below my radar, but it’s a welcome return for me as it’s a sound I’ve been missing.