NEW RELEASE – Defod – Cerrig Hynafol EP

When Raz Casket isn’t breaking guitar strings with Emissaries Of Syn or breaking up his old band Merciless Savage, or dripping red wax onto the skulls of Great Orme goats in a sacrificial ritual – he is Defod.

A new and blackened project to unsettle mere mortals and raise the provisional arm of the Druid sleeper cells dotted around our green and peasant land.

‘Cerrig Hynafol’ is six tracks paying homage to our Celtic ancestors and their burial mounds. Intrinsically pieced together and offered to the Gods by way of 1000 watts of guitar power. There’s enough here to raise monoliths, as each piece laments those who walked and lived before us, shaping the land we now walk on.
(Particularly like the closing track Llwybr Hynafol).