Deathraid, Skitvarld, Seige Mentality, Spam Javelin @ The Pilgrim, Liverpool

[The View From Within]

(pics by Elliot Capper / Steve Brute)

This was the gig that was on then off then on again then not at the original venue then off then on somewhere else…
Maybe it was us (Spam Javelin), maybe we were the curse when it came to Liverpool hosting three Welsh bastards. Earlier last month we were due to play in some sweat shop in Chinatown, but it was pulled, then this morning the {new} promoter had received a message from a Manchester band telling him not to put us on as we were homophobic, sexist pricks and mud sticks (!!!). He was told we were getting a bad reputation and it was obvious with a name like ours… (If that’s the case, then Rudimentary Peni are obviously homophobic sexist pricks too…)
It turned out the perpetrator was pissed and had got us mixed up with some other band (fucking bellend).More