Focus Wales 2015 @ Wrexham (Saturday)

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If they said my time was up and took me to the great gig in the sky, I’d be insisting that Bo Ningen come with me to sonic heaven… Mind blowingly phenomenal…
This style of psychodelic nu-psyche acid-punk music is very much in now, and long may it continue… Bo Ningen take it to another subsonic level – ‘Good evening, we are Bo Ningen, Let’s Go Fuckin’ Mental..!… (They didn’t really say that, but they did..!)

Dead Shed Jokers / Bad Earth @ The North, Rhyl

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Friday is traditionally the day where many of us seek oblivion through drugs and alcohol to numb the pain caused by pointless jobs and the crushing conformity of consumerist culture. Since our post-christmas beer cull we have sought out new highs to subject our Adonis-like torsos to.
Smoking banana skins isn’t doing it for us any more, nor is a lukewarm bowl of Alphabetti Spaghetti, so tonight it was an ‘all you can eat’ Curry Buffet…
Believe me… Jesus literally wept… We gorged so much and the normally brisk jaunt across town to The North was more of a cramped up crawl as we struggled with our childish gluttony.
So, put the curry down and rather than going for the sort of shit puns that make up 90% of Twitter, let’s get on with the review…


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“When the seasonality of grapes are questioned, an unfortunate passer by must embark on a voyage of self discovery and overcome an evil syndicate of masked radicals to ensure the future of shed-kin”