Dead Congregation, Incarceration, Wode, Deitus @ Star and Garter, Manchester

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In choosing my death (metal) I decided not to go to the big touring package in town the night before, featuring the ever reliable but rarely changing old school titans Obituary, and instead go for the current and the vibrant end of the detuned scale with the young Greek gods of Dead Congregation

GIG REVIEW – Hellfest 2013, Saturday

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Hellfest 2013, Day 2

Clisson, France

hellfest 2 Again, our bleary focus is forced into action in the mid morning.  The increasing lack of interest for us in the Main Stage headliners (the likes of Def Leppard and Whitesnake last night, Kiss tonight, all totally avoided even seeing in passing) is converse to the wealth of quality bands in the various other tents and stages around the arena.  That said, after the pretty relentless onslaught of yesterday we were anticipating a somewhat quieter day today, although that has its own inherent dangers. Thank god the absinthe was finished.