Dandelion Killers @ Bar Blu, Rhyl

(review n pix by neil crud)


‘We travelled three hours to get here’
Explained the Dandelion Killers as they burst into their romp of a set.
You wouldn’t have thought you were at something special after performing a head count. Sixteen to start with, about 25 once this band from Ross-on-Wye had finished.
Not screamo enough for the current Blu crowd and far too loud for anyone’s ears. From the side of the PA stack – which is where the sound engineer is perched (due to room size constraints) the actual sound is brilliant. Unfortunately out front, the sound is loud enough to shred your ear drums, and that’s not in the awesome way – its in the ‘we’d best stay away’ way. The simple solution for the sound man is to get that brilliant sound and just turn the master volume down 2 or 3 notches.More