Damnation Festival 2016 @ University, Leeds

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Once more into the Leeds, dear friends.  My arrival arrangements were kind of haphazard and last minute but thanks to my metal fam and evidence of previous good behaviour I got to this annual gathering of underground metal just about in time and only moderately lubricated. 

Damnation Festival 2016 Preview

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There are a seemingly ever-increasing wealth of all-dayers and weekenders occurring in the underground metal world, and I’m sure a lot of them with any ambitions of scale and success would look to Damnation as the role model.  It’s been honed over the years to delivering the goods in a condensed and intense day and nights raucous and enrapturing entertainment, now over four stages within the Leeds University Student Union.

Damnation Festival 2012 at University, Leeds

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(review n pix by mwj)

The nights draw in, what better way to rage against the dying of the light than staying in a mosh with a solid dayload of warming heavy vibes. Even though this always seems to be a hectic time of year for gigs Damnation has its reserved niche around this time as providing an eclectic mix under the broad metal/alternative umbrella of bands that is a great condensed flashback to the excesses of the summer season.

Damnation Festival 2011 @ Leeds Uni

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(review n pix mwj)
Indoor aural fireworks again this year, maybe with a bit of smoke machine bonfire to go with it. Despite it being in my teenage pyromaniac years a favourite time the last couple I’ve missed entirely due to the coincidence with my greater burning desire, noisy banging music. And Damnation certainly supplies that, with my attendance guaranteed with the initial announcement ages ago containing two of my top bands in Godflesh and Doom. While the rest of the assembled prospective line up may not have lit things up as much to my tastes, past experience shows cracking levels of craic are always achieved here.

Archive Gig – Damnation Festival @ University, Leeds

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Who are these madmen that say the festival season ends with the summer? Having been to three in the last month there’s obviously no better way of staving of the onset of winter chill than getting crushed in a pit in some sweaty venue, though maybe best to leave camping out of the equation.