Biog – Interview – CUT TUNES / CUT 23

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The Early Days

By the time CUT TUNES had released its first product in 1985, the talents of founder member Gary CUT had already been noticed. As a young freelance photographer during the mid-80s, his work included a series of striking and much-mimicked publicity photographs for underground Industrial legend and friend Lustmord – which earned the praises of such luminaries as Chris & Cosey.

CUT TUNES / CUT 23 / CUT 72 – discography

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 1984 CASS The Hell Hole Tapes Archive
1985 12″ EP Shapeshake Central Slate
1986 CASS The Awesome Power of CUT TUNES Archive
1987 CASS Burning Down The Chapels Central Slate
1988 LP Live at the Bull & Gate, London (French bootleg)
1989 LP Strange Drum Central Slate
1990 CASS Pobl Y Nadroedd Central Slate
1992 CASS Juganath Archive

CUT 23

2001 CD Metal Ghosts Naga
2001 MP3LP Savage Blue Naga

CUT 72

2009 CD Insane Asylum (with Kenji Siratori) CCP
2011 MP3EP Shapeshake 2025 (with Harvi Original) CCP 

Gary (speaking in May 2014) says, ‘There was a last CUT 23 release – a track on a compilation CD on the German L-White Records released in 2003. The album was call Radiation and my track was called Alpha Partikle Attack.CUT 23 became CUT 72 in 2004 to now which basically is me collaborating with other like minds.’

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Eirin Peryglus, Llwybr Llaethog, Cut Tunes play for Cambodia

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Cut Tunes in Bangor

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Cut Tunes, Fflaps, APV play Bangor

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