UK Resist fanzine

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Crud Profile

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North Wales Weekly News

Crud vs Police Chief

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In the fanzine we had mock Top Tens and topping the charts was ‘The Gordon Anglesea Acoustic Demos.’
At the time of this story, Chief Superintendent Gordon Anglesea was abusing young boys at the Bryn Estyn Home. He died in prison in Dec 2016, a convicted paedophile.

Police steal Crud

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Magazine slammed for 999-call gimmick

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Magazine slammed for 999-call gimmick

By Hilary Bowden (North Wales Weekly News)

AN OUTRAGEOUS cult magazine started up in Colwyn Bay, which has previously condoned arson and shoplifting,. is now encouraging people to make fake emergency phone calls for fun.

The latest stunt in the eighth edition of the magazine Crud is an advert featuring two cartoon policemen and encouraging readers to phone 999 from as many phone boxes as they can, leaving the phone off the hook.