New Podcast – link2wales crudcast #173

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It’s been a while – here’s a new show

Link2wales crudcast #173 by Neil Crud on Mixcloud

Crud Cast 172

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The One Hundred and Seventy Second Crud Cast is online now for you to endure…
35 minutes of blissful sin…

Crud Cast 164 by Neil Crud on Mixcloud

Link2wales in Terrorizer magazine

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Crud terrorizer

Viva Las Vegas – Crud & Sync World Tour

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‘I’d rather go hungry than eat that shit.’
Came an American drawl as he walked passed Burger King in Las Vegas International Airport. Maybe some attitudes are changing in the US of A but that lone voice doesn’t speak for the 209 million people whose diet makes them walking miracles.

Crud Gets Excited

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It’s not often I get really, really excited about a band. Yes I love music; it’s my life and soul – an obsession bordering on neurosis. From an 11 year old buying The Jam’s ‘When You’re Young’ 7″ single and having to play it at my cousin’s house because we were too poor to afford a record player to releasing LPs with my own band and running my own label.