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(review by chris combi markwell)


Sometimes, a band enters into your life like a fall to the ground.  Surprise gives way to shock, there’s occasional stings along the way,  and eventual recovery.
Milton Keynes’s Crossburner felt that way to me when I first heard them: as raw as a skinned knee, I should have left well enough alone after that first encounter.  But, like a skinned knee when it starts to scab over, I couldn’t help but pick at it.

Crossburner, Artemis, Riggots, Stand Silent @ The Compass, Chester

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Another day… another gig as my race towards Deaf City takes a handbrake turn and heads back to The Compass in Chester… A place I graced a mere five days earlier… This time I stick to a couple of pints of Dragons Breath (6% abv) and remain responsible with no danger of ordering a curry in order to simply stare blankly at it (which is exactly what happened on Friday night).