The Cox

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(taken from the book – This Patch of Land)
As the indie-rock scene built around Bar Blu in Rhyl flourished, so was the punk scene, with Dave Cox, Ste Cox and Leigh Cox being the catalysts of most things happening. The two factions rarely crossed although there was no anomosity, just different musical tastes. Centred mainly around the Dudley Arms from 2002 onwards The Cox‘s Punk In Drublic nights were a huge success.

Dead Pets, Dangerfields, Cox @ The Dudley Arms, Rhyl

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bury your pets
The Dead Pets

 {Reviewed by Steve Sync + Neil Crud}

(sync) You know you’ve been to a great gig when at the end of the night, you leave with a healthy ringing in your ears, and your clothing moist (from sweat, not sticky white love piss).

Shatterhand, The Cox, Xms3 @ Bar Blu, Rhyl

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(review + pix by Neil Crud)

They had a helluva head start on me, Fatman had downed his customary 2 bottles of red wine this afternoon, while Sync had sank a pint of vodka ‘n’ orange before heading for Blu. And Blu definitely was the colour as we watched Liverpool Reserves, err… sorry Man City come back from 0-3 down to beat Spurs 4-3 in the FA Cup. Was this the reason for the late start, or was it the bands battling with the PA (yes, that famous Blu PA)? The midnight bar makes it unfair on the last band who go on about 11.15pm as those who have work the next day will start to drift away. It used to work better when the bands were all done by normal closing time as the crowd were still there, yes let’s keep the midnight bar but ensure the first band is on at 9.00pm with allocated times – 9.00 to 9.30 then, 9.45 to 10.20 and 10.30 to 11.20 for the main band. It was just a suggestion!

The Full Length Cox

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The debut LP from Colwyn Bay’s The Cox is out now on Pigtown Records. 17 tracks of pure punk.

The Cox Nailbomb The Dancefloor

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In January 2004 The Cox released a 4 track single Nailbomb The Dancefloor (click to hear / download) that turned out to be not only their finest moment, but was also voted Best Single of The Year in the Link2wales 2004 Poll. Neil Crud was jumping through hoops when he first heard the single, ‘I couldn’t believe my ears, its gotta be one of the best singles in my collection, its unbelievably good.’

Also on the single was Out Of Darkness / Johnnys Back / Nuclear Skies