Focus Wales 2014, Wrexham (Saturday)

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There’s blanks in my life… How did we get to the camp site last night? What time did we leave? What did we do after seeing Islet? What is my mother’s maiden name? When will I, will I be famous?
To help fill in the blanks on this cryptic crossword called post-alcohol life, Tim Griff and myself elected to take an hour’s contemplation with our livers and walk into town for a Greasy Spoon breakfast because – This is how we rock… This is how we roll…

Colorama / Dan Amor hit Wrexham’s Saith Seren

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Colorama and Dan Amor head to Saith Seren in Wrexham for a St David’s Day bash….

Local delights hit The Tiv

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Colorama play Telfords in Chester

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(pic by @stuartctaylor)
Gig organiser Adam Walton tweeted, ‘I overuse the word ‘amazing’, but tonight was amazing. Chester, if you want great live music – attend. Is all. Can’t subsidise forever..’


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Acoustic session broadcast on Adam Walton’s Musical Mystery Tour on BBC Radio Wales.

Tracks: Navy Wen / Pa Bryd Y Deui Eto? / Pam Fawr Nos / Sound