Gala Day in Rhyl

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Clan Morrigan, Sons of Selina, Babakin @ Cil-y-Bryn, Llanefydd

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(review by Wayne The Bastard)
The Cil-y-bryn Festival is on a farm between Llanefydd & Betws-yn-Rhos in the heart of rural North Wales. It’s held once a year & is attended by friends of friends of friends; usually people connected with the smoking of illegal substances. As the cows, sheep & Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs peacefully grazed the fields of this picturesque valley a little bit of history was being made.
At 10:15pm the Sons Of Selina performed live for the 1st time. It was also the 1st time that Neil, Cumi & Robin had played live together in nearly 4 years since the break up of 4Q.
Neil said; ‘We played a guitared set as Steve Sync was at the Phoenix Festival, & although there were cock ups galore & I was extremely pissed from the copious amounts of homebrew beer freely available, we got a good response from those present.’
The homebrew must’ve been good as Neil hung upside down from a rafter in the barn (stage) while singing On A Promise.

SOS line up for this gig was Neil- vocals. Robin- guitar. Martin- guitar. Bonehead- guitar. Ken Mayanardis- bass. Cumi- drums. Set List; Climb, Terminus, Kalgan, Of The First Water, For Want of a Better Name, Anxiety, On A Promise

The 1st band on were Babakin from Colwyn Bay who played a punky-indie set, the guitarist/singer was very talented, shame about the drummer & bassist. The Sons were followed by Clan Morrigan who have tried in vain to fill the void left when You Slosh split up, I left with the Sons for a tipple at The Bistro rather than get stoned with the hippies.