GIG REVIEW – Chief, Old Radio, After The Fall, Fair Do’s @ Maguires, Liverpool

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Chief maguires
With Liverpool being less than an hour away from our quaint North Walian homes, and our appetite for pizza and destruction insatiable, we again head over the border.
Maguires is a pizza house in town with a live room at the back – it’s punk rock pizza served on a red hot plate and everybody is hungry. The conveyour belt of punk rock royalty that has and is passing through this city is growing daily as a new need for and a new breed of punk rock is emerging.

H2O, Chief, Face of Christ, The Tear Up – Central Station, Wrexham

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(review n pix by mwj)

Taking a bit of a chance with this one, as I wasn’t familiar with the music but had enough faith in their reputation as a long time served NYHC band and well as in that pretty genre’s consistent ability to deliver the goods. Plus a good selection of supports and the end of my summers camping expeditions all meant the stars were aligned. (They do look spectacular down the end of the Llyn)

Punk rock on Old Colwyn

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Final night of The Ship before it closed with Global Parasite, Chief, The Shuffle, Flat Back Four, Ugly Fashion

Babar Luck, Anonymous Tip, Seize The Day, Patrol, Chief – Dudley Arms, Rhyl

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(review n pix by neil crud & MWJ)

Neil Crud… ‘There won’t be another fuckin’ time after that pile of shite.’ Said either Nick or Dan in a scouse accent of Chief when I asked them for a CD; they didn’t have any so I said I’d grab one next time they play in Rhyl.
‘It costs fuckin’ money to get here and we’re all fuckin’ skint.’
Yes I know, I played in bands too, it’s a labour of love, stuck in some godforsaken town with only enough cash to get a bag of chips between you and the petrol gauge is in the red.