Cerebral Bore (+7) @ Basement 20, Liverpool

Cerebral Bore, Disentomb, Cemtex, Revokation, Face of Christ, Dr. Aids, Horsebastard, Xenophobic Misogynist
(review n pix by mwj)
A free bank holiday for me gave the opportunity to ram it full three courses/days of entertainment down my neck/ears until I was fit to burst (eardrums). First of these involved a trip to Liverpool which has been coming more on my radar a bit recently with the regular extreme metal shows put on by Whiplash at the Masque, and as it’s a train ride and a cheap hostel away, it really should be visited more. This veritable feast of death/grind/hardcore would be a perfect starter, although it summoned ominous clouds and torrential downpour that turned the streets to rivers and kept everyone sheltering in the venue confines.