BAND BIOGRAPHY – Cellophane Boys

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As a teenage punk growing up in Denbigh, you would hear about these legendary bands who used to play in Rhyl, like The Toilets, VOTS, The Vaj, Amsterdam and The Cellophane Boys. Being, like 12-13 years old, the chances of actually seeing any of them play live were very slim.
So to get this info on them is priceless… A version of the band recently got together to record the song Lies to coincide with the 2019 General Election.
From his lair in France, the band’s Dr Steve Roberts fills in all the blanks of this short-lived band…

NEW VIDEO – Cellophane Boys – Lies

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Legendary 1977 Rhyl punk band The Cellophane Boys have got together to record a single for the General Election…
It’s cover of fellow 1970s punk band The Toilets song ‘Lies’ (The Toilets went on to become The Alarm).