ARCHIVE REVIEW – Casino, Carpet, Dammerung @ Breeding Ground, Rhyl

By Steve Sync


It’s weird going out half way through a Saturday night, sober (driving). I picked Fatman up, and we made our way to The Breeding Ground arriving half way through Dammerung‘s first song. I have a soft spot for ‘Gothic Rock’ in small doses, and I liked their sound, on first impressions they were very ‘Sisters Of Mercy’ with the ‘Andrew Eldritch’ sound alike on vocals and guitar, they also sported a female bassist, which always improves a bands appearance, and sound in Dammerung’s case with some great playing. There were a few more Goths in tonight than usual, and they looked very good, especially when they all danced together through the stronger songs in Dammerung’s set. I enjoyed most of their songs, though some were a little samey, but this could be because I haven’t heard them before, and it’s nice to have all corners of music on show at The Breeding Ground.