NEW RELEASE – Cartograverse

Cartograverse from Holyhead have unceremoniously issued an EP via bandcamp.

Either eponymous, or called ‘Self Release’ this 5 track offering of softly spoken electronica is an exalted and sublime personal window into the world of Jamie NoDoubt and Wolfmumma and it’ll leave you torn and rebuilt, and torn again.

From the opening piece Balter you can lose yourself in the chilled vibe or immerse yourself in the spoken tones. It’s a saddening tapestry, that at the same time offers anticipation and warmth. There is real pain here, but also an offering of hope and a yearning for a better tomorrow.

Like a soundtrack to a drama set in a run down town…

By the end of the final track Siren’s Allure, you are left feeling like you’ve just watched the last scene of ‘Dead Man’s Shoes’ – I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing, but I’ve watched that film over and over.

Cartograverse don’t have the answers, but they can show you the way…