ARCHIVE REVIEW – Casino, Carpet, Dammerung @ Breeding Ground, Rhyl

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By Steve Sync


It’s weird going out half way through a Saturday night, sober (driving). I picked Fatman up, and we made our way to The Breeding Ground arriving half way through Dammerung‘s first song. I have a soft spot for ‘Gothic Rock’ in small doses, and I liked their sound, on first impressions they were very ‘Sisters Of Mercy’ with the ‘Andrew Eldritch’ sound alike on vocals and guitar, they also sported a female bassist, which always improves a bands appearance, and sound in Dammerung’s case with some great playing. There were a few more Goths in tonight than usual, and they looked very good, especially when they all danced together through the stronger songs in Dammerung’s set. I enjoyed most of their songs, though some were a little samey, but this could be because I haven’t heard them before, and it’s nice to have all corners of music on show at The Breeding Ground.

Archive Gig – CARPET, FLOATERS REVENGE @ New Inn, Rhyl

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shagged pilesI’ve got a good business plan; I’ll charge a band £30 to hire a room, pay ½ of it to the barmaid & keep the £350 bar takings. There again, I’m a nice person & won’t charge the band, which is what the New Inn should do considering there was no one downstairs in the ‘normal’ bar tonight.

Carpet, Jamie Cardno @ New Inn, Rhyl

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Carpet bombing, allied carpets, flying carpet, sticky carpet, axeminster & shagpile. There, with all the puns out of my system I can get on with the review. With the resurgence of the Breeding Ground next week we get a taste of what life is like without that venue, where bands have to eke out a local existence in pubs with a small PA & no lights. Not that there’s anything wrong with tonight’s set up, its just that we have been spoilt over the past year. So having seen Carpet in their full glory at TBG with all the lights & ear splitting volume, it was quite a come down to see them in the flesh in front of their mates. They do have a lot of mates; this small upstairs room was packed out.

Babakin, Homespun, Carpet @ Breeding Ground, Rhyl

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A very local feel – Hitchcock had planned to have a live birth on stage but the drummer’s wife chickened out last minute & opted for her local hospital instead. Thankfully Carpet were on hand to fill the spot with 24 hours notice.

Mundane, Fathead, Carpet, Homespun @ The Stand, Rhyl

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The scene was just beginning to spark into life in Rhyl, and Dean Roberts began putting on gigs at the old club bolted onto the side of The Hotel Marina on the promenade in Rhyl.
Carpet and Homespun were fledgling bands at the time and would stick around for the best part of the next decade. Mundane were from Denbigh and didn’t last long. Neither did Fathead, but the band did springboard Ben Jackson who formed Fudged and Jamie Cardno who continues to appear in various bands.