Flesh Resonance / Alien Matter / Carbon Atom @ Bar Blu, Rhyl

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PSST launch party

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Pocket Venus, Nutonic, Carbon Atom @ Breeding Ground, Rhyl

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PV TBGThe void had been a long & dark one & the break had been a welcome one. With a show every 2 weeks the Breeding Ground supply was out stripping the demand & the head count was falling. Now billed as ‘specials’ the novelty of a big event in town attracts enough people east to this venue.

Carbonari, Carbon Atom, Fudged @ Breeding Ground, Rhyl

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The peasants are revolting, the revolution has begun & about time too. The backlash against the manufactured plastic sugar coated vomit inducing likes of Westlife, 5ive, Steps & their talentless ilk is underway. Limp Biskit are No1 in the charts, kids have found identities, be they punks, skateboarders, cyberpunks or townies; they’ve had enough of being force fed record company drivel – they want culture.