GIG REVIEW – Easter All Dayer @ The Pot, Rhyl

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Rhyl is currently quite notorious for non-attendees. Once the hub of all things bright and musical during the Breeding Ground, Dudley Arms and Bar Blu days things have nosedived over the years with venues and bands struggling to justify the efforts involved in hosting gigs.
There are still great nights going on, but with so much choice for gig goers it’s easy to see a band ‘next time’. So today it was heartwarming to have a good attendance from the word Go and a pile of great bands to boot.

GIG REVIEW – Burning Flag, Abonimate, Ballpein, Aüralskit @ Maguires, Liverpool

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In the space of a two years Burning Flag have gone from being a great band to being a fucking amazing band. Their debut eponymous album of June 2015 was a shot across the bough. If you stuck your head up it was going to get blown off. Fast forward to now and the newly released ‘Izabel’ album leaves you with nowhere to hide; Burning Flag, with that obvious pent up anger (no doubt from living in Halifax) will wipe you off the face of this shit planet.

GIG REVIEW – Icons of Filth, Warwound, Burning Flag, Vitriolic Response, Feral Existence @ Klondyke Club, Manchester

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Coming from the wrong end of Wales (them, not me 😉 ), and being slightly before my time (that’s saying something!), this was a first opportunity for me to catch a veritable legend of anarcho-punk in Icons of Filth. Their relatively short periods of existence off and on from the late 70’s had perhaps preserved the esteem they were held in for the seriously politically motivated bite that they delivered back then. 

Chile Benefit Festival @ 1 in 12 Club, Bradford

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Doom (pic – Elliot capper)

Adversity, the random trials of life strengthening community resolve to strive their way to a better situation. That was a reason why the 1 in 12 club was set up in response to the wonderful success the Tories were making of parts of the country in the 1980’s and what a perfect setting for localish crust legends Doom to host this festival.