BRIGYN – Brigyn (album)

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Always nice to get a handwritten note with a release rather than some mass produced ‘hyped-up’ biog…
Brigyn are The Brothers Brigyn (now there’s a good name!), Ynyr and Eurig Roberts who hail from the magic mushroom farmlands around Llanrug and Penisarwaun. Tired of foraging for food in the peat bogs of their dwellings, they packed their horse and cart and headed south in search of earning a few shillings. Now based in the bright lights and city trappings of Cardiff, this offering was released for the Womex Festival and is more of a compilation of their rarities and back catalogue, which includes three albums Brigyn 1, 2 and 3, and a smattering of singles. It’s available free from their shop or on Soundcloud throughout December and January.